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Dock Access

A loading dock access pass is required in order to gain access to the loading dock. Download the pass below. Exhibitors should fill out the pass and place it in the dash of their vehicle. A security person will be located at the dock gate entrance and he/she will ask to see the access pass.

Move in Procedure

Place dock access pass in the dash of any/all vehicles accessing the loading dock. Gate security will direct you to the loading dock. Driving onto the exhibit hall floor is not permitted. The dock manager will greet you inside the loading dock and instruct you where to park and unload. Exhibitors should unload their vehicle, take their items to their booth, return to their vehicle and take it to the designated parking area and then return to their booth to unpack their items.

Move-in/move-out parking/staging

The dock manager controls all parking areas in and around the loading dock. The loading dock is shared with the Marriott hotel so parking is not permitted in or outside of the loading dock.

Exhibitor/Truck Parking

The convention center does not have any free parking to offer. Please contact show management to arrange parking for oversized trucks.


WARNING: there is a gravel lot located directly across the street from the loading dock entrance gate. This lot is unavailable for parking 24 hours a day 7 day a week. If persons park in the lot, they will receive a boot on their vehicle and will be required to pay a fee to have the boot removed. The convention center is not responsible for persons parking in this area.

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